Development Update 02

Hello Guys! I have some bad, good and mixed news. I'll start with the bad. Due to health reasons, I'll have to stay away from the computer for a while.

The next piece of news is somewhat neutral. I've decided to change the scope of the project "One Hundred Days with an Angel". I think I might be biting more than I can chew with the multiple paths and endings. Considering this is my first VN and I'm only one person, I believe it's best to start slow. So now it will be a more linear story. I might make two or three differents endings, but don't count on that, it's only a maybe. I think that with this more linear format, it will be easier for me to review text and better approach the subjects I want to approach.

The good news is that I can still write (on paper) from where I am, so I'll continue the project from here.

Thank you for reading and supporting me <3

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