Development Update 03

Hello guys :3

I'm finally back.

Actually, I have been for a while, but due to some mental health problems and some other issues, I thought it was better to stay away from the project for a small while. Enough talk about me, let's talk about the game ^3^

I've decided to make it's only a linear story. I explained in the past devlog why I'm doing this, so I'm not going to delve too much into that. What drove me to even start this game was because there was a story I wanted to tell about things that were dear to me, so the essence of that is not lost.

 I finally managed to finish the detailed script. There are a lot of new scenes, scenes that changed places and even some new features :3

After I rewrite a good portion of the text and add some other chunk,  I can upload the demo here with the first playable days. The programming has to be redone aswell, so expect this to take some time.

That's all, folks <3

Get One Hundred Days With an Angel (Demo)

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